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Season Pass Holders
1. Season Pass holders have the opportunity to watch ALL live presentations. For a schedule of presentations please click here.
2. Season Pass holders will be able to interact live through their computer and listen by phone.
3. Season Pass holders will be able to watch all recorded presentations and videos.

Event Pass Holders
1. Event Pass holders will purchase a particular video or presentation viewing.
2. This viewing my be live or recorded.
3. Event Pass holders will have 3 days/72 hours to watch that particular presentation or video.

  1. All Season Pass holders will receive:
  2. A 10% discount on sporting dog related websites from DNT Media.
  3. A 10% discount on all accessories from Orion Outboards.
  4. A free T-Shirt from Wild Wings Retrievers. (While supplies last)
  5. A 10% discount on 1 month of training from Ridgemark Retrievers.
  6. A 10% discount on selected calls from Zink Calls.
  7. A free whistle lanyard from Waterdog eClinics.
  8. A free dog bandana from Eukanuba. (While supplies last)
  9. A 25% discount on CC Secretary to sporting dog clubs.
  10. A free duck dog evaluation from Lance Vines and Duck Band Retrievers.
  11. A 15% discount on Boats & Accessories at Four Rivers Layout Boats.


In the spirit of peace, love and wet dogs... WaterDog eClinics will randomly pick 11 Season Pass Holders to receive some outstanding gifts. You must be one of the first 100 season pass holders to be eligible.

Russ Morgan of Heath, TX, is the new owner of an Orion Outboards Helios Mud Motor.
Damien Hooper of Ephrata, WA, has won a $600 training package from Remington Sporting Dog.
Gaylon Schilling of Willow Park, Texas, received a free weekend at The Retriever Academy.
Thad Werts of Chapin, South Carolina has won a free Code Black tube from Patternmaster.
• 5th drawing will receive a free call of their choice from Zink Calls.
Barry Pichler of Republican City, Nebraska, has won a Four Rivers Layout Boat.
• 7th drawing will receive a free timber hunt with Bo Brewer of Ridgemark Retrievers.
• 8th drawing will receive a sporting dog related website from DNT Media.
• 9th drawing will receive a free breeding by FC Candlewoods Man in Black-"Cash".
• 10th drawing will receive a free training weekend with Al Arthur of Sandhill Kennel.
• 11th drawing will receive a free random bag of stuff from the offices of DNT Media.
• 12th drawing will receive a free installation of CC Secretary for their Retriever Club.