Bill Hillman seminar

Dates: 08/20/2011 - 08/21/2011
Club: Cur-Sans Kennel
Event Type: Seminar

Contact Information:
Sandy Dollar Phone: 715-340-5002 Email:

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BILL HILLMANN SEMINAR AUG. 20TH & 21ST. 2011 AT CUR-SAN’S KENNEL Neshkoro WI $150.00 ( starts at 8:30 AM ) Price includes two days with Bill Hillmann sharing his knowledge. Day one 7:30-8:00 sign in, AM Snacks, lunch & Dinner Sat. Sunday starts at 8:30 AM will end early afternoon. Bill’s training program works on ALL types of retrievers, from the mildest mannered British Hunting retrievers to the most driven American type field trial Lab. He will guide you in training your retriever with a solid and BALANCED obedience foundation including mild electric collar reinforcement, which Bill calls the “soft collar”. Bill has two great videos out “Training a Retriever Puppy with Bill Hillmann”, and the newest one “The Fetch Command”. Entries MUST be RECEIVED by July 29TH Will be canceled if min. is not met. Name:______________________________ Address:___________________________ ___________________________________ Phone:_____________________________ Email:_____________________________ Please let us know what your dog needs help on, or what you would like Bill to cover at this seminar. Participants may bring their dog. Please be advised however due to time constraints and subject matter all dogs may not be able to participate.