SRS 4x4 Team Medley

Dates: 03/29/2012 - 04/01/2012
Club: The Super Retriever Series
Event Type: Test/Trial

Contact Information:

Sanctioning Body: Super Retriever Series



Description SRS 4x4 Team Medley 1. Who: 4 dogs-4 handlers (Handlers/dogs may be on 1 team and 1 team only-All 4 dogs must run every testing scenario. If a dog becomes unable to run for any reason that dog will receive a zero/0 at the completion of his/her scheduled run. 2. Entry Fee: $500.00 per handler/ dog - $2000.00 per team and is non-refundable - 14 team limit. 3. Prize Money: Winner takes 75% of the entry...25% goes to the house for expenses. 4. First Event - Where: Huntsville, AL. 5. What: 3 total series. Field trial, Hunt test and Hunting Savvy. High score total at the end of the series will result in a winner. A tie will be decided by a single mark and/or blind at the judges digression. One dog from each team will be picked by each team to run that particular test. 6. Team will run together. 7. Judges: 2 Judges and they will score as follows. a. Excellence: 10 b. Good: 7 c. Average: 5 d: Poor : 3 e: Failing 0 Scores will be announced following the completion of each teams run. They will be announced as a team total and individual scores will be made available after each series, not before. Running order will be established by draw at the beginning of each morning by the Captain of each team. Failure to appear for the drawing will result in that/those teams running first. Teams will run their dogs in succession. Details: a. 4 handlers, 4 dogs, only 2 of which may be professional trainers. b. If a dog has a failing score he/she will not be removed from the competition. c. Each dog/handler on the winning team earns invitation to the SRS Crown Championship. REGISTRATION $500.00 for each registration. Team registration will be $2000.00. 1. Limit - 15 maximum teams (4 handler/4 dogs) per team. 2. Register as always. One member of the team may hold a team spot until Feb 29, at that time all (4) members must be registered on your team. Waiting list will apply. If team is not completely registered by that date, the next team in line from the waiting list will earn a spot. 3. Once one teammate has registered your team captain will email me the rest of the team. Handler name and dog name. You will also at that time give me your team name. ( 4. You will be required to wear numbered armbands. I will assign those numbers when your Team Captain calls in with team information. Directions for the armbands will be given to your Team Captain. Registration will be open starting noon on January 10th, 2012. Once all teams are registered they will be posted. Please update any information on your SRS registration on you and your canine teammate. Let the games begin!!