Events and Results

Add Event Welcome to the WaterDog eClinics event section. Here you can announce your upcoming trials, seminars, or training days, post results and stories of each event.

Regular Hunt Test (05/02/2015-05/03/2015) - Hosted by Great Plains HRC
Upland Hunt Test (02/17/2013-02/17/2013) - Hosted by Land of Lakes HRC
HRC Judges/Handlers Seminar (02/16/2013-02/16/2013) - Hosted by Land of Lakes HRC
Bill Hillmann Training Seminar (09/22/2012-09/23/2012) - Hosted by Middle TN Amateur Retriever Club
SRS 4x4 Team Medley (03/29/2012-04/01/2012) - Hosted by The Super Retriever Series
Deer River HRC Spring Hunt Test - West TN (03/03/2012-03/04/2012) - Hosted by Deer River HRC
SRS Classic Huntsville, AL (11/03/2011-11/06/2011) - Hosted by SRS
Cowtown HRC Upland Quad (10/22/2011-10/23/2011) - Hosted by Cowtown HRC
SRS Classic EPIC GameFair - Douglasville, GA (09/22/2011-09/25/2011) - Hosted by SRS
Bill Hillman seminar (08/20/2011-08/21/2011) - Hosted by Cur-Sans Kennel
Advanced Retriever Training/Handling/Nutrition Seminar hosted by Lyle Steinman (07/09/2011-07/10/2011) - Hosted by
Who's afraid of the SRS... Seminar? (06/25/2011-06/26/2011) - Hosted by Days End Retrievers
Retrievers For A Cause-The Tower of Hope (05/28/2011-05/28/2011) - Hosted by Hosted by Southern Flight
KC HRC at Smithville (05/21/2011-05/22/2011) - Hosted by Kansas City HRC
SRS Crown Championship - Retriever Trials (05/12/2011-05/15/2011) - Hosted by Super Retriever Series