WaterDog eClinics Refund Policy

We have taken every step possible to make sure your stay on our site is enjoyable; however, we understand that what we have built may not be to your liking. Therefore, we will process refunds on a timely basis unless circumstances lead us to believe that your actions on our site might have violated our Terms of Service.

Cancellation Policy
To cancel your account with WaterDog eClinics, please contact us by phone at 501.379.8613 or by email at and we will be happy to start the refund process.

Season Pass Holders
Season Pass Holders may request a pro-rata refund of their subscription. We calculate this by counting the number of days until your renewal date and multiplying that number by 27 cents ($100/365 days). Under normal circumstances, your refund will be issued within 5 business days of receipt; however, depending upon the timing of your request and the location of our personnel, this period may be longer.

Event Pass Holders
Event Pass Holders may request a refund for any unused credits. Once a credit has been assigned to a particular event, it becomes unrefundable immediately.

Refund Style
All refunds will be made by corporate check issued by DNT Media, Inc.

For More Information
DNT Media, Inc.
7509 Cantrell Road, Suite 100
Little Rock, Arkansas 72207
Phone: 501.379.8613