WaterDog eClinics Security Policy

It's our policy not to request personal information except when absolutely necessary and when we do, we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Our website is protected by a 256-bit security certificate issued by RapidSSL. The server resides in a secure datacenter that is staffed and monitored 24-hours a day. We do not store your credit card information on our site. When you make a purchase, we securely transmit that information to our payment processor, Authorize.Net, who charges your account and returns a response code to us. At which point the session is "destroyed" and your credit card number is deleted from our ordering system.

Furthermore, while we use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online, we also take actions to protect user-information offline. Our users' information is generally restricted in our offices. Our employees are notified and/or reminded about the importance of keeping our customers' information secure and safe at all times.

Please note that if you are under 18, you may purchase our services with parental permission only. Should you purchase our services without parental consent, we will terminate your account immediately upon notification and return any monies collected.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information
If your personally identifiable information changes (such as your billing address, you can add new information or delete any addresses from your account on our website or you may obtain live one-on-one help by calling 501.379.8613.